Plus-size Painting

Fabienne Verdier paints with unconventionally large tools. She creates her own brushes, made from substances like sheep hair, duck down, or horse hair, sometimes reaching 6 feet long and over 150 pounds. The brushes are suspended with rope, and then handled physically, or with the help of a pair of bicycle handlebars.

Mind-Bending Body Painting Work

Craig Tracy, a New Orleans native, has been a professional artist since the age of sixteen. Never satisfied with conventional contemporary art, Craig was always searching for a form of expression that would amplify his unique creative perspective eventually leading him to take his expertise in bodypainting into the realm of fine art.

Anton Semenov

Anton Semenov, 27 years old, living in Siberia, Russia, he has done lots of mindblowing paintings and illustration. In this post we have gathered some of his brilliant artworks, Let’s take a look at his wonderful artworks.