Tate Modern

Yayoi Kusama, 82, arrives in London – leaving her native Japan for the first time in 12 years – to launch a retrospective at the Tate Modern called Love Arrives at the Earth Carrying with it a Tale of the Cosmos.

Cool sculptures

Stephane Halleux was born on July 6th in Chenée (Liège), Belgium. Shortly thereafter–and very often against his will—he was taken off to museums where he was supposed to be awakened to art in all its forms.

Mark Khaisman packing tape art

look at these amazing works crafted from packing tape by ukraine born, philadelphia-based artist mark khaisman. these large archetypal images are made from layer upon layer of translucent packing tape, applied to plexiglass and then placed in front of a light box to give the image shadow and depth.

Candas Sisman

Multidisiplinary artist based on istanbul Involved with spur of the moment event, Sisman incorporates abstract narrative language, his works contain a naivety and simplicity in contradiction with the commotion and ideology of life in general.