Street Artwork

Street Art is any type of artwork which make in public places aka ‘in the streets’ urban art. Perhaps not government sponsored, But it is good for inspiration of peoples and peoples really love these street artwork some of peoples like to take a picture with artwork.

Sweet Play

‘Sweet Play’ is a kind of chocolate that you can customise to your own taste. It is an idea of the French designer Elsa Lambinet in collaboration with Blondel, the famous Swiss chocolate maker.

Masks on Photography Served

Depending on the place where we are and who we spend, we assume a mask. Mask Project is a cycle of self-portraits. Man assimilated to the surrounding environment which is a kind of self-preservation, or quite conscious autocreation. In this project, the author introduced the idea of himself if he was “the owner of the masks.”

Post Cup

Ever wondered where to get the right card with the right message? No need for that anymore! The postcard will make sure the message is limited to nothing but your fantasy – and the space on the cup.